Zazenkai is a 1-day meditation retreat, starting from 8 AM and ending around 5 PM on a Saturday. We have zazenkais about once a month. Besides meditation, dharma talk, service, and other zen activities, we also offer dokusan (private interview) with our teachers, Jane and/or Peter, which is a great opportunity to ask any questions you might want to discuss in private. If you’d like to have a private interview, please email the request to the teachers directly, including your phone number, at

We request that attendees make a small donation to defray the expenses. You can pre-register by making a suggested donation at this link. The amounts are $15 for members and $25 for non-members.

All of our events are currently held via Zoom only until further notice. Please check the schedule on the Calendar page.

Click the image above to join now! Password: 481189

Meeting ID: 395 617 4507
Password: 481189

Current online zazenkai schedule:

8:00 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Tea Break
10:00 Zazen
10:30 Kinhin
10:40 Zazen
11:10 Kinhin
11:20 Dharma Talk
12:00 Service
12:20 Lunch Break
1:50 Zazen
2:20 Kinhin
2:30 Zazen
3:00 Tea Break
3:50 Zazen
4:20 Kinhin
4:30 Zazen
5:00 Discussion