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  • In honor of Shakyamuni, we call who we really are our “Buddha nature.” All of us have this, though just hearing about it won’t get us far. A few may have begun to practice because of it, but many more are likely to because something in their lives isn’t the Read More
  • The Heart Sutra concludes with the mantra “Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha.” An ending like this can seem puzzling, especially since no other mantra appears in the six-hundred volumes of the Prajna Paramita canon. If this Sanskrit word is taken, as it often is, to mean ‘spell,’ the Heart Read More
  • Patience is one of the Six Perfections that guide us out of the weeds and the mire. It’s thestrength we need to endure negative emotions, difficult circumstances and continue a lifelong practice of meditation. Patience is the ability to ‘wait’ with faith in an outcome that we hope to achieve. Read More
  • *This talk was originally published on December 18, 2017. Suzuki Roshi often gave talks on way-seeking mind in his early years in the States. Most people who come to a Zen center for the first time seem to appreciate it while there but are unlikely to come again. Something else Read More
  • April 11, 2015 One day, the queen of a land close to the Himalayas had a dream. A white male elephant came up to her with a white lotus in its mouth and walked around her three times. Then with his trunk it struck her on her right side and Read More

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  1. Is this to say while sitting in Zazen the aim is to have no goal? Is no goal having a goal? The Act then is the answer or to look for an answer is to to miss the point?

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