May 1, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Zazenkai is a 1-day meditation retreat, starting from 8 AM and ending around 5 PM on a Saturday. We have zazenkais about once a month.

We request that attendees make a small donation to defray the expenses. You can pre-register by making a suggested donation at this link. The amounts are $15 for members and $25 for non-members.

All events are currently held online via Zoom. You can join the retreat by clicking this link, or go to and enter the Meeting ID: 395 617 4507 and Password: 481189

We will be zooming the entire day but during the tea and lunch breaks you are free to do what will also be comfortable for the people living with you.  However, when possible, remain silent and don’t do the activities you would usually do with free time such checking your email or going online except to find something Buddhist to read.  Doing housework is fine.  There will also be dokusan (private interview) with Peter (818-620-0455) in the morning and with Jane (818-620-0454) in the afternoon. Let us know by mail or text to if you would like to meet with us and tell us as well what your telephone number is so that we can call you when it is your turn.

Zoom Zazenkai Schedule 

8:00 Zazen  

8:40 Kinhin  

8:50 Zazen  

9:20 Tea Break 

9:50 Zazen  

10:20 Kinhin  

10:30 Zazen  

11:00 Kinhin  

11:10 Dharma Talk  

11:50 Service  

12:10 Lunch Break  

1:30 Zazen

2:00 Kinhin

2:10 Zazen

2:40 Kinhin  

2:50 Zazen  

3:20 Tea Break

3:50 Zazen  

4:20 Kinhin  

4:30 Zazen  

5:00 Discussion 

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