Dharma Talks

  • 6-13-2020 Dharma Talk by Jane Schneider About 20 some years ago I painted a picture called, “Blest by Everything.” It was my interpretation of the last paragraph of a poem by William Butler Yeats called, “Dialogue of Self and Soul.” It’s the last paragraph of the dialogue and the Self Read More
  • November 28, 2020 Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a traditional time for remembering what we are grateful for.  Though it was Lincoln who made the day into a national holiday, to a boy from New England it was all about the Pilgrims commemorating having survived their first year here.   For Read More
  • In honor of Shakyamuni, we call who we really are our “Buddha nature.”  All of us have this, though just hearing about it won’t get us far.  A few may have begun to practice because of it, but many more are likely to because something in their lives isn’t the Read More
  • During BMZC Sesshin on 5-23-2020 Sitting sesshin in the midst of everyday life conditions will bring a new perspective on your life if you can stick it out. Someone said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.” That’s surely a difficult way to test your Read More
  • How can you possibly make a mirror by rubbing a tile? What does it mean in Zen? Listen to our teacher Peter’s explanation. Feel free to comment at the bottom if you have questions! Read More
  • March 21, 2020 What this time of the COVID-19 pandemic brings home to us, beyond the danger, is that we are meant to live and won’t let anything keep us from doing that. Life pledges itself to live, and if need be, to fight to live. On a venial level, Read More

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