Beginner's Mind Zen Center
   northridge, california

zazen lessons at beginner's mind

zazen: sitting meditation

If you want to learn how to practice
zazen (the Zen form of meditation), contact us for a lesson. It is easy to learn the basics.

Lessons are offered most Saturday mornings at 9:30 (before Saturday zazen) and include an opportunity to speak with one of our Zen Priests, Peter or Jane.

The lessons cover:

  • Why we sit
  • The different ways of sitting (on cushions, in chairs)
  • Postures (from seiza - kneeling - through Burmese and quarter-Lotus, through to full-Lotus)
  • The breath
  • Dealing with any physical discomfort or thoughts and emotions that arise

There is a suggested donation of $10, with discounts for groups.

To make an appointment for a lesson, please contact Beginners Mind Zen Center using one of the following methods and let us know you'll be here (so we can be sure to have instructors present):

  • Call (818) 349-7708
  • Send email to zazenlesson@
  • RSVP for the Saturday "Zazen Meditation Instruction" event in our Meetup Group

After your lesson, if your schedule allows, we invite you to join us for any part of the Saturday morning schedule that you like: 2 sittings, walking meditation, a traditional Zen service, a short work period (samu), tea/social hour.

Or you can start now here: Just click and read
how to sit.