Beginner's Mind Zen Center
   northridge, california

While this is a 'typical' timeline for a Zazenkaii - like everything, it is subject to change. We do tend to stick to this schedule. If other commitments don't allow you to attend the full day, you're more than welcome to join us for any part(s) of the day that you can. We only ask that you enter and leave the retreat as quietly as possible, so as not to disturb the silence being observed.

8:00 Zazen
8:30 Kinhin
8:40 Zazen
9:10 Kinhin
9:20 Tea
9:40 Break
10:00 Zazen
10:30 Kinhin
10:40 Zazen
11:10 Kinhin
11:20 Talk
11:50 Service
12:10 Lunch*
12:40 Break
1:10 Work period
1:40 End of work period
1:50 Zazen
2:20 Kinhin
2:30 Zazen
3:00 Kinhin
3:10 Tea
3:30 Break
3:50 Zazen
4:20 Kinhin
4:30 Discussion
~ 5:30 End

*A vegetarian lunch will be offered for this Zazenkai. Using the link on our home page for this zazenkai's lunch, please help us plan and RSVP. If you'd rather, you may bring a vegetarian lunch that requires little or no preparation. Refrigerator space is very limited, so bring your own cold packs, etc.


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